Divertimento No. 3 (1st Movement)

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / arr. Brendan McBrien
String Orchestra Series
Level: 3
This divertimento by the 16-year-old Mozart captures the true essence of his genius. It sparkles with the youthful optimism and spontaneity that abound in his most beloved works. With a sunny and carefree mood, this winning concert opener will brighten up any program, and delight your audiences today as much as it did for Mozart’s listeners over 200 years ago.
Composed in Salzburg in January 1772 by the 16- year-old Mozart, Divertimento No. 3 in F major, K. 138, was originally scored for string quartet, and was composed for his second concert tour of Italy.
Historic accounts suggest that these divertimenti (Mozart wrote a number of them) were written as background music for social functions. You might think of it as “elevator music” for the 18th century. As hard as it may be to think of people actually talking and laughing over this music, it’s interesting to note that Mozart composed this music knowing it would be used in this way. With that in mind, it seems clear Mozart intended the music to inspire joy and delight in the guests. This work, along with all of Mozart’s divertimenti could be considered a catalog of the young Mozart’s liveliest and most enchanting music for string ensemble.
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