Prelude (from Holberg Suite)

Music by Edvard Grieg / arr. Brendan McBrien

Series: String Orchestra

Instrument: String Orchestra

Level: 3

Edvard Grieg’s Holberg Suife, Cp. 40 was composed in 1884 to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of noted Norwegian playwright and sat ir ist Ludwig Holberg. Composed in the Baroque dance-suite style of Holberg’s time, Holberg Suite stands today as one of the earliest examples of neo-c1assicism in the Romantic Era and has become a beloved standard in the sering
orchestra repertoire.

The opening rhythm ic motive should be light and agile throughout, never heavy. If the eighth-sixteenth figure presents a problem for some players, substitute an eighth note in place of the two sixteenths, provided the majority of players are able to play the printed figure.
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