Series: Highland String OrchestraCategory: String Orchestra

Format: Conductor Score & Parts

Instrument: String Orchestra

Level: 3
I n s t r u m e n tat i o n
Violin I
Violin II
String Bass
Percussion (Woodblock, Cabasa)

Notes to the Conductor:
Performers and audiences alike will enjoy the varied colors and counterpoint in this energetic work. Interplay, as the name implies, features the interaction of various melodic and rhythmic
elements arranged above a cello and bass ostinato. Interplay also involves shifting tonalities from major to minor, and contains an expressive interlude before the recapitulation. Strict attention should be given to maintaining a steady and unwavering pulse, as this forms the basis for driving the piece rhythmically (especially the two percussion parts). As in preparing all music, begin working at a comfortable tempo to achieve technical and rhythmic accuracy. Having players count aloud in the early stages can build familiarity with the rhythmic concepts. Over time, the pulse can be increased as the ensemble becomes comfortable with
the technical requirements of the music. The use of percussion is sparing but essential to the energy of the work. The percussion parts were created to be simple and can be learned by two members of the orchestra. The part calls for a wood block and a cabasa. A closed hi-hat played with drumsticks would also be effective if a cabasa is unavailable. Whatever is used, the part must generate a clean and rhythmic sound, and the players should stand together behind the ensemble for better communication.
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